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Name Necklaces

From the beautifully traditional to swirls and sparkle galore, Namefully's unique collection gives whole new life to personalized jewelry's classic superstar: the one and only Name Necklace.
Carrie Necklaces

From New York to L.A. to Paris . . . Carrie Bradshaw wore hers everywhere. Now you can have
Sex & the City style of your own!

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Name Plate Necklaces

Choose your font and your style . . . now add your name. You've got a Name Plate Necklace that's all about you!

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Initial Necklaces

A little more understated but just
as personal, express your unique style and individuality with an
Initial Necklace.

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Monogram Necklaces

With swirls and flourishes or clean modern lines, our selection of Monogram Necklaces lets your initials do the talking.

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Heart Name Necklaces

Don't just wear your heart on your sleeve . . . wear it around your
neck with one of our beautiful
Heart Name Necklaces!

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Decorated Name Necklaces

Dress up your name for a night on the town! With our collection of Decorated Name Necklaces, you're sure to find one that's uniquely you.

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Signature Name Necklaces

Sign your name and create a wearable work of art! Namefully presents our collection of Signature Name Necklaces.

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Sparkling Name Necklaces

For a name necklace that's as sparkling as your personality, check out our collection of Sparkling Name Necklaces. 100% bling!

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3D Name Necklaces

For an eye-catching look from any direction, check out our unique collection of 3D Name Necklaces. No 3D glasses required!

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Name Necklaces

Name necklaces, a necklace with a name, and personalized necklaces are everywhere, showing up in many different types of name necklace pendants, on many different types of people, and in many different types of places. Name necklaces say more than just the name pendant that’s on them. Name necklaces show personality traits and identity characteristics. Make a custom necklace with your name today.

People wear different types of name necklaces to represent their own name or honor someone close to them. Make a personalized necklace with a name of a boyfriend, girlfriend, mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter, or anyone else that you want to honor in your chosen piece of name jewelry. You can also make personalized necklaces for your group of friends or customized name necklaces for everyone in your office or family. Some people choose name necklaces with common necklace names. For instance, people wear Carrie Necklaces to represent love for any city they feel close with. In Carrie Bradshaw’s case, this place was New York City – others will have other places that are near and dear to their hearts.

Choose from the many types of personalized necklaces: nameplate necklaces, Carrie name necklaces, initial pendant necklaces, monogram necklaces, necklaces with your signature. Decorate them as you wish, and they become decorated name necklaces, heart name necklaces, and sparkling name necklaces. Design your personalized name necklace and your custom-made name necklace will be shipped straight to your house.

People create name necklaces in many different materials. Make yourself a gold name necklace, silver name necklace, gold-plated name necklace, double-thickness name necklace, two-tone name necklace, or a name necklace made from diamonds or other stones, For example, you can use your personal birthstone to make a birthstone name necklace. These options allow you to personalize custom necklaces to match your personality and character. What’s in a name? A whole lot (!) especially when you have a custom name necklace.

Learn About Name Necklaces

Name Necklaces are the next big thing. Stay on top of the fashion train and get a name necklace made especially for you. It’s all in a name – browse all the types on Namefully, and find a name necklace that fits who you are.

Name Plate Necklaces and Carrie Necklaces
The type you’ll see most is the Name Plate Necklace. The Name Plate Necklace is a necklace with an original name on it. The name on the necklace could be the name of the person wearing the Name Plate Necklace, or of someone else who is close to them. One specific type of Name Plate Necklace is the Carrie Necklace, which was worn by Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City, and continues to spread through fans and other fashionistas who wear the Carrie Necklace to show their support for solid friendships and living in a place that becomes part of one’s personality.

Your Signature Necklaces, Initial Necklaces, and Monogram Necklaces
Express your individuality even more with a unique name necklace. Your Signature Necklaces are name necklaces with your signature. You send the signature, and the jewelry maker sends it back looking exactly like you wrote it, in gold, silver, or another material you’ve chosen.

Initial necklaces feature one-initial pendants and are suspended on a chain in a subtle or boisterous way, depending on your preference. You can hang one pendant from your necklace to represent yourself or one special person, or a few to represent a group of people that are important to you.

Monogram Necklaces are based on your monogram, or the three initials of your name. They come in many types of designs and materials – depending on what you want. Block out your monogram for a tough style or get a decorative, lacy monogram to show off your avant-garde fashion sense.

Decorated Name Necklaces, Heart Name Necklaces, and Sparkling Name Necklaces
These decorative name necklaces bring more of your personality into the name necklace. Decorated Name Necklaces can have all types of decorations, according to your personality. Line your first letter with your birthstone or get a name necklace with a peace sign, star, or flower pendant hanging off the end. Heart Name Necklaces come with a heart attached – in the left or right top corner or the left or right bottom corner. Bring a little love into your name necklace with a Heart Name Necklace. Sparkling Name Necklaces bring sparkle to your every day wear. Show the world just how glamorous you really are with your Sparkle Name Necklace.