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Learn About Signature Name Necklaces

It’s hard to imagine a piece of personalized jewelry more personal than a name necklace made from your signature! But today, in the world of name jewelry, anything is possible. So, all you have to do is scan your signature and send it off to a name jewelry specialist. Before you know it, you’ll have a name plate necklace that’s one hundred percent you!

Signature Name Necklaces and Initial Necklaces
Of course, there is no limit to the possibilities now that a name necklace can be a piece of completely customized jewelry. A signature name necklace is just one option . . . let your imagination run wild. Write your initials in your handwriting (or even just one initial), and you can create an initial necklace. Or create a monogram necklace using all three of your initials–all in your handwriting.

Custom Necklaces with a Personal Message
If you are looking for a perfect gift for someone you love, you can write a special message to them in your handwriting and turn it into a beautiful name plate necklace. Or your child could write a special message in his or her own handwriting to create a completely unique piece of mother’s jewelry that she will treasure forever. It’s hard to imagine a more beautiful and touching gift of jewelry for Mother’s Day.

Endless Options for Personalized Jewelry
Any signature or handwriting name necklace can be made either with one ring on the top center of the name, creating a look of a name or initial pendant. Alternatively, rings can be placed on both top corners of the name, creating a look more like the traditional name plate necklace.

You can also create your custom name jewelry using any number of materials. You can choose a gold, silver, or gold plated name necklace. Or you can create a two-tone name necklace using your signature. If you want to really go for the glitz and glamour, add diamonds to create a name necklace that sparkles as much as you do. It’s also possible to add a birthstone . . . or even more than one, which is especially beautiful if you are designing a custom mom’s necklace.

So use your imagination–and a pencil–to create a piece of name jewelry that’s completely unique. Your style, your design, your handwriting, your signature name necklace!