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Learn About Couples Name Jewelry

Couples have been getting couples jewelry together for centuries. While the most common are couples name necklaces, couples name rings, and couples name bracelets, there are many other types of jewelry your pair can get together. Whether it be a way to keep your wedding vows in mind, make promises to each other, or just do something romantic, customizing your very own couples name jewelry is a great way to bond you as a couple.

Couples Name Necklaces
The most common couples jewelry is couples name necklaces, necklaces with both of the partner’s names. Many couples get name plate necklaces with both names separated by a decorative heart. Other common designs are two keys with both names on them, symbolizing keys to each other’s hearts; gold plated, gold, or silver birthstone necklaces shaped like hearts with the couples names inscribed on one side of the heart; two disk pendants overlapping, each with one of the partner’s names; a breakable heart, each side of the heart featuring one of the partner’s names; A Celtic love knot pendant with the couples names inscribed, dog tag necklaces with the couples name and sometimes decorated with birthstones; and many other heart shapes and decorative couples name necklaces.

Couples Name Bracelets
Another way to show your everlasting love is with couples name bracelets. Inscribe your names together in a set of solid gold bracelets, or put a name plate pendant on a silver, gold, or gold plated bracelet. Any of the pendants used for couples name necklaces can also be used for couples name bracelets, giving you much selection when you are choosing the perfect couples name bracelet.

Couples Name Rings
Couples name rings are also another widely seen product in the couples name jewelry industry. Engrave your names to the inside or outside of the rings, or just engrave a phrase that connects you together. Include your birthstones in the ring, and you have rings that can be both male and female, and will be perfect for any type of promise, including the big one. Decorate wedding bands and engagement rings with your names and birthstones, or make a promise ring for a long lasting relationship with a style that both you and your loved one can enjoy. Jazz it up with diamonds or hearts or even heart shaped diamonds. Many couples name rings fit together when they are not on, making your couples name rings even more romantic. The options are endless for couples name rings.