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4/5 | Amazing
By:  S.H
Recently I began to see a lot of people wearing these name necklaces again. I found Namefully and just loved the variety. I bought myself a new nameplate and got my daughter a dogtag with her name on it as well. All of her girlfriends have asked where to get one, too! /
5/5 | 2gether4ever
By:  Robyn
I have the best boy friend in the world. We were watching the Sex in the City movie a couple of weeks ago and told him how much I like Carrie’s necklace. He went and looked you guys up and bought me not just a name necklace but one with both of our names with a heart. I think I love the necklace just as much as I love him. /
5/5 | I love my name necklace!
By:  Cheryl
I’ve been wanting one of these name necklaces since I was a teenager. Back then my parents couldn’t afford it, trying to raise four daughters and all. Well, I just received my name necklace and am so overjoyed with how good it looks. I was worried it might be like those cheap thin ones you can get at the mall, but it’s not! I’m wearing mine right now and I dare the person to try to take it off me. /
4/5 | Super service!
By:  ChristinaP
I was trying to find a necklace for my best friend with her name in Hebrew, and was sooo confused figuring out how it'd actually look since I don't know that alphabet. I saw your site had a chat customer service option (faster than email!), and ended up chatting with Brittney. She actually showed me the letters that would be used, which was awesomely helpful. I decided immediately to order it, and she was able to handle that with me too! If you're like me and trying to order something in an unknown language, this is the place to go!! /
4/5 | Amazing Staff
By:  Sharon
I was invited to a wedding shower for a good friend, and decided to not follow her registry when looking for her present. Instead, I decided to get her a nameplate necklace, with her & her future husband's names in Russian, her first language. I used maybe 3 online translators to see if all of them were coming up with the same spellings. About 90% sure I wasn't going to make a mistake, I found Namefully and e-mailed them, including the names of course. So happy I did, since it turned out I had gotten her name wrong! I gave it to her at the shower, & she was much happier about it than about some of the china dishes she unwrapped. :) /
5/5 | So helpful!
By:  Maria
My niece wanted a name necklace for her birthday, and I was a little weary of ordering online since she's a kid, and chains everywhere seem to be the right length for an adult neck, but not that of an 8-year old. I also didn't want to spend a fortune, since kids tend to lose things. After going through a few sites, I noticed Namefully actually had a "child's" length option for a lot of their necklaces, and after careful selection, ordered her a simple silver necklace with her birthstone in the middle of the "o" of Allison. I'll be giving it to her next week, and I'm sure she'll be as happy with it as I am. /
4/5 | Awesome
By:  Betsy
I just got my 14k gold carrie style necklace in the mail yesterday, and it's already around my neck! I loooove it, looks just how it did online, and I will be wearing it every day! /
4/5 | Yay!!
By:  Sofia
Easy searching, quick ordering, fast delivery, what more could I ask for?! /
5/5 | Awesome gift
By:  T.D.
My girlfriend loves her initial necklace. Totally awesome gift. Maybe we’ll be back for a grad gift this summer! /
5/5 | Made my mom happy
By:  StephanieN
When Mother's Day was nearing, I knew what I wanted for my mom. Her name in gold, with the birthstones of all 4 of her children tastefully displayed in a size that an older woman wouldn't mind wearing. As soon as I clicked on your site, I noticed a "instant chat" option in the corner. Deciding I'd save myself from taking the time to look over the entire site, I clicked. I don't remember who I spoke with, but in less than 15 minutes they'd helped me create just what I was looking for. It came already wrapped and tied with a bow, which saved me from presenting her with a gift that would have looked like one of MY children had wrapped it. She's been wearing every time I've seen her since, so, thanks Namefully!