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Name Jewelry Gifts

  • 10 Most Beautiful Christmas Gifts any Woman would love
    Shopping for Christmas gifts will never be tiring and stressful again! Our best 2017 Christmas gifts list is ready; 8 amazing gifts any woman would love to recieve from spa kits to personalized name jewelry. 
  • 6 Best Friend Gifts
    She is your partner in crime always and forever, so show your BFF you are the Rachel to her Monica with these 6 amazing best friend gifts!
  • 7 Dreamy Gifts for the Bride
    Every girl dreams of her wedding day, plans it to the smallest details, pictures her partner, the dress, surrounded by flowers, fairytale location and of course a beautiful white princess dress. But, then the day she has been waiting for finally arrives, but it’s a time of chaos, stress and so much planning! To make the wedding day and marriage life are as fun as possible and put a bit of humor into the chaos, we have put together a list of a few items, dreamy items the bride has been dreaming off since her childhood and a few surprise items she won’t be expecting.
  • 7 Great New Mom Gifts
    We all know it’s hard to feel at your best after giving birth to a small human being and in the mornings after sleep deprived nights. To make sure you get the new and fabulous mom a gift that will celebrate her in the new and exciting role, we have made our research and proud to present 7 gifts any new mom would be thrilled to receive!
  • 7 Gifts on every Grad’s Wish list
    Four years sounds like a lifetime, but these special years go by in a blink of an eye. Every graduate dreads and waits to graduation day, dreaming of their future and living their mark on the world. Help them get started by treating them with a special gift for their efforts and hard work. For the top 7 gifts on every graduate has on their wish list, click!

  • Top 5 Name Jewelry Gifts
    Looking for something special to give to your girlfriend, your mother, your sister, or your best friend? The following five items are the hottest name jewelry gifts this season. Make this gift something she’ll wear for years to come!
  • New Trend: Give a Name Bracelet to the Man in Your Life
    We tend to think of jewelry as a woman thing – mostly because we think of sparking diamonds (undoubtedly, a girl’s best friend) and bold necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that make a statement which most men don’t want to make. However, the New York Times has recently reported that men are going the distance and shopping more and more for hats, bags, and yes, bracelets. Apparently, men are buying so many men’s accessories that predictors envision sales growth from January to March 2012 will be higher than it’s been in 20 years. The New York Times blames a recovery from the recession. I blame fashion.
  • Graduation Gift Ideas
    Graduation season is upon us! Surprise the graduate in your life with a distinctive name necklace or ring sure to be cherished for many years.
  • Can You Feel the Love Tonight?
    Wondering what to get for your boyfriend, girlfriend, or other loved ones? Name jewelry can be seen everywhere you look.  On celebrities, on classmates, on friends…. There are necklaces with hearts as a background, layered necklaces, gem-stoned hearts decorating the name. So why are you still wondering what to get?
  • Lovely Layered Gifts
    When shopping for jewelry gifts I like to look at current jewelry trends so that I can not only find the piece that is just right for my recipient, but will also keep them looking fashionable.  One of the hottest jewelry trends of 2012 is layering necklaces and pendants.  Everywhere I look, I see women layering chains and pendants of various lengths to create this trendy look.  Name necklaces and pendants are amazingly easy and fun to layer and make your look uniquely yours.