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Hot or Not?

  • Hot 2017 Summer Trends
    Summer is all about making us feel bolder than ever and this summer bolder means making a statement with fashion!
  • Carrie Bradshaw Name Necklace
    Carrie Bradshaw style necklace- the ideal everyday accessory for the young Fashionista or keep in the closet 90's style? Read and decide!

  • Hot or Not: College Name Jewelry
    With the name jewelry boom, name necklaces, earrings, and more can be seen everywhere! Now college pride has affected the name jewelry style. Colleges and universities all over the country from Florida State University to Ohio State University have their very own name necklaces and earrings.  Customized as much as other name jewelry, these fantastic pieces come with diamonds, symbols, and much, much more. As a great way to show off your college pride, the only question is why they aren’t nearly as popular as they should be? 
  • What's in a Sorority Necklace?
    Throw up what you know! –and you know that I mean your beloved Greek letters. Learn what makes you part of the perfect 'phamily'. 
  • 2015 Trendsetters: What's hot this season?
    Let's do some trend setting for the latest hairstyles, make-up and clothing items of 2015!
  • A for Acrylic: Why Wear This Hot New Trend?
    A new trend that is becoming more and more popular is acrylic accessories – various fashion items that are made from acrylic materials. So, is this trend really worth a shot?
  • Zodiac and Horoscope Jewelry- Hot or Not?
    Learn about what makes zodiac, horoscope and birthstone jewelry the hottest new trend with Namefully! 
  • Vermeil Gold: Gold Plating Gets A Boost in Reputation

    Over the years gold has consistently been the most desired of precious metals. Traditionally in many parts of the world, the most exquisite pieces of jewelry have been fashioned out of 18k and 22k gold.

  • Hot or Not: Twitter Username Necklaces
    It is hard to escape social media these days.  From Facebook to Twitter and Foursquare, it seems as though everyone one is connected.  One of the newest trends in Social Media is happening offline with Twitter Name Necklaces.  These nameplate necklaces feature your Twitter username or your favorite hash tag.   
  • Hot or Not? Toe Name Rings
    As the weather starts to get warmer and Spring is just around the corner, it’s important to discuss what is okay to wear and what is not. Let’s say you are shopping in the outdoor mall in your neighborhood and walking from one store to the next. You are enjoying the first days of the hot sun and its good friend, the cool breeze. The sounds of flip flops resonate on the sidewalk and the smell of ice cream cones and frappuccinos fill the air. As you are texting, you drop your cellphone and reach down to pick it up. While you are down there, you notice a girl walking by with her name on her toes. You say, “Wow! That’s a cool accessory!” or “Um, I think you need some fashion advice from people who actually know how to wear jewelry.”