On Saturday we are all about Kate Middleton’s striped T and classic leggings, Sunday we grab our boyfriend’s jeans and white T, Monday-Thursday we are sporting a clean and classic look to work and spend the evening in trendy workout wear or comfy pajamas on the couch, watching our favorite show to the TV. 24/7 it’s all about what’s hot and what’s out, so where does the ‘I’ come in I ask you?

When I come home from work or when it’s gray and cold outside, there’s nothing I want more than watching the one and only fashionista and queen of New York City-Miss Carrie Bradshaw. This Big City girl was all about fashion, Manolo Blahnik hills, puffy pink skirt or flattering gold dress, living the dream in the Big Apple. Sexy, classic or fun, she never went lost in the fast-changing fashion trends and always combined and altered crazy trends to make her own fashion statement that lives until this day.

No matter what she wore, no matter the time of year, she would always keep close one special piece. Her cut out Carrie Name necklace beautifully blend in with a silk dress, smart jacket or casual outfit, standing out and captivating us all. Not long after she sported this necklace, all Celebrities grabbed their own personalized Carrie name necklace.

The thing about fashion is that it doesn’t have to scream and shock everyone around you. Sometimes the only thing you need is a classic Carrie necklace for that understated glamorous touch, Carrie Bradshaw style. This+You+Smile and your favorite jeans will make you as iconic as Miss New York City.