With the name jewelry boom, name necklaces, earrings, and more can be seen everywhere! Now college pride has affected the name jewelry style. Colleges and universities all over the country from Florida State University to Ohio State University have their very own name necklaces and earrings.  Customized as much as other name jewelry, these fantastic pieces come with diamonds, symbols, and much, much more. As a great way to show off your college pride, the only question is why they aren’t nearly as popular as they should be? For real, where is all the college pride being shown off around here?!

Nowadays, any college student, perspective student, or proud parent can walk into a campus store and find massive amounts of college pride items from t-shirts and flip- flops to notebooks and pens.  Don’t say you don’t have your college t-shirts, crocs, Nalgene bottle, magnet, and more decorating your attire and home?! Wherever we are, we see students with the t-shirts.  But why aren’t more students and alumni showing off their places of study with name necklaces and earrings? The jewelry comes with mascots, diamonds, and more! What’s not to like? Let’s bring college name jewelry on a popular accessory front!

When students and alumni show off college pride, it doesn’t seem jewelry is the top, hot choice.  But why shouldn’t it be?  With sleek, new designs college necklaces and earrings can surely show your pride and love for your college and universities, while also customizing the jewelry for individual touches always comes with college name jewelry.  Want a unique piece of jewelry for your collection? Need a special gift for your friends and family? These college name necklaces are only for the athletes!  They are for the academics, social butterflies, artists, and alumni too! So get on it, and quick!

While these college name necklaces and earrings may not be so hot, they definitely should be and will be hot soon! Help create the fashion trend of these wonderful necklaces before you miss it.  Why be a follower when you can be a leader and a proud wearer of your college name jewelry?! For sure, these great college name necklaces are HOT pieces of jewelry and a wonderful addition to your college item collections!