So, he finally popped the question! The most exciting time of your life is ahead, a time that can be overwhelming and nerve wrecking for both of you.

Announcing everyone on your upcoming marriage might result in people offering you their very best advice. It is so easy to lose yourself in all the much appreciated tips and to lose that little girl, standing at the center of the room, with a white tablecloth on her head for a veil, tutu skirt or mom’s whitest dress for a wedding dress and a dream of walking down the aisle towards her prince charming, just like in Cinderella.

But, you don’t have your fairy god mother to turn your shorts into a stunning and elegant dress, or a pumpkin turning into a magical carriage, taking you to the wedding venue or on wedding errands. Planning a wedding can be a chaotic process, so how you can keep calm, navigate through it in elegance and have the wedding of your dreams?

1 Guests List

First thing first; most people invite their family and all their acquaintances to the wedding. While it might be the proper thing to do, this is your wedding day, and a day that entails a lot of planning, headache and excitement, but eventually goes by in the blink of an eye. Are you sure you want to share it with everyone you know and see once a year?  Make sure to make it a day to remember with the people you want to find yourself with on a deserted island, the ones that will cry with you, celebrate you and make it a party of a lifetime.

2 Your wedding, your style

We often follow other people’s advice because they are more experienced or because this is what Instagram tells us about the ideal wedding. Eventually, this is your day and every small detail should reflect you as the classy/ hip/ minimalistic or beach loving couple you are. The same tip applies to choosing the wedding ceremony and reception venues!


3 Food & music

When it comes to wedding people always remember and talk about the music and food. Now, if it matters to you and you wish your guests to have great memories from your wedding, you have to put extra focus on creating the food menu and choosing the dj. However, here also stay true to yourself, love 60’s music and Vegan food? Combine it together with some Beyonce hits and dishes your guests would love, after all they are there to share this day with you , so be considerate and show you appreciate them, despite the fact you have different tastes and ideologies. Remember, hungry and bored guests are grumpy guests and you want everyone on the dance floor!

4 The dress

Elegant in lace? Flowing beach style dress? Eye-catching in gems? beautiful in ivory? Choose the dress you feel most beautiful and comfortable in, that says YOU more than any trend out there, because it’s your day and not a copy paste of ideas and style you think are hot and will astound everyone. You and you alone with your partner in crime are most stunning in your own skin.

5 Wedding pics

The day goes by so fast that you have to make sure your wedding pics transcend time and place! Finding the right photographer and the venue for your pre-wedding photos is crucial. Think of a place that makes you happy, maybe your favorite place to spend quality time or if you are an outdoor loving couple, an enchanted forest, lake or sunflower field with the right photographer will surely create an amazing wedding album.

6 Gifts list

You have probably been on the other side and know how hard it is to shop for a wedding gift. Make it easier on your loved ones and put some thought into your wedding gifts list. You can decide you wish your guests to make a donation for various organizations on your behalf or check out our post on cool and dreamy gifts to the bride and happy couple.  Personalized name necklaces for the bride personalized his & hers t-shirts to special jewelry that say I love you in beautiful ways- they should definitely be on your wish list.

So, have a wonderful time, don’t forget to smile and breath, oh and congratulations! May you have a fairytale wedding!