We feel you…graduating from High school or college is nerve wrecking!

The anticipation, planning, excitement, tiring search after the perfect outfit, planning your graduation fiesta or planning your around the world trip, so much planning and then it all ends in a couple of hours. In a blink of an eye you become the fresh grad and now everyone try to anticipate your next step.

The tension is high and a lot is at stake, but the bottom line, the world is at your feet, don’t worry and take one step at a time. The next stage in your life might be really confusing and nerve wrecking, but it doesn’t have to be. Follow these 5 simple steps to make the next stage spectacular and tension free:

1 Friends, friends and again friends

Make time to see your friends, the ones you are most comfortable with, the ones that make you laugh and make it ok to be as silly as possible. Laughing and having a good time is great for stress relief and in moments of confusion, your friends know your heart and soul best. They will always have a great tip to get back on track and know where you are headed.

2 I know it’s not your favorite thing, but it’s time to be active!

Put your running shoes on and go out for a run or a walk. Seriously, your back, eyes and mind will thank you for getting up from the laptop for an hour at least, every day. Go to the park, mountains or anywhere else beautiful with fresh air. By staying active you open the flow of creativity-say bye bye to any creative blocks you might have and say hi to great ideas. Sitting all day, over thinking and analyzing things from all angles won’t help, trust me!

3 Healthy body-healthy mind

Get rid of those energy bars, cookies, ice-cream and fast-food! Feeling sleepy? Eat an apple. Feeling hungry? Have some fresh cut veggies. Feeling low and need something to get your groove back on? Eat a fruit, or go outside, the world will inspire you again.

4  Dream

It’s really easy to listen and follow other people’s advice. Everyone speak from their own experience, from their own success or failure, but you have to remember your dreams. Don’t be afraid to dream big, but execute your dream in baby steps, no one has ever reached stardom in one day, not Lawrance, Bella Hadid or Jay Z and Beyonce. Have a plan, explore, ask for advice, go out to the world and make your dream happen. If it’s your passion-it will happen. Have patience.

5 Smile

Succeeding in the real world can be intimidating. You have to fierce and enchanting to make your dream come true and it all starts with a smile. ‘Smile and the world will smile back’ couldn’t be more true and relevant. You have to put on your best smile and go out to the world, dressed for success and you will already attract the most inspiring people. Be ready for mingling, smile and open your mind to listen and learn from others. People love someone with great attitude and high spirits, so let your smile make the first step.

So, are you ready?
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