One of the most popular trends is to get a tattoo with Japanese letters, symbolizing something personal and meaningful that not everyone can understand. The modern Japanese writing system is fascinating for its appearance and enigmatic appeal. The language combines two character types: logographic kanji, which are based on Chinese characters and syllabic kana. Kana itself consists of two different syllabaries: hiragana, used for native Japanese words and grammar and katakana, which is used for foreign terms, names, scientific names, onomatopoeia, loanwords and sometimes for emphasis. Japanese sentences are usually a mix of kanji and kana with a large variety of kanji symbols, making this language one of the most complicated ones in the world. These sophisticated kanji symbols are used for tattoos and other decorative means because a simple word like "peace" looks beautifully written and more intricate than it actually is.

Not everyone likes something as permanent as a tattoo but lots of people still want to sport this fun, mystical and alluring look. What better way to do this than with name and symbol jewelry? The most popular symbols to get are those that mean "love", "peace", "harmony", "happiness", "light", "wisdom", "eternity", "beauty", "friendship", "fortune" and many more.

These symbols are so striking and charming because they look like artwork, carefully constructed to string whole sentences together. This is why the kanji symbols make for gorgeous jewelry on a necklace with one's name and a symbol as well as on bracelets, earrings and rings alike. These letters look delicate in subtle sterling silver, white gold or a soft rose gold, bold in yellow gold and funky in a bright acrylic color. Name jewelry is something personal and the perfect appendage to everyday or smarter outfits. Japanese symbols will offer that extra touch and make you stand out of the crowd.

Japanese name jewelry make wonderful gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and more. Pick something special from the beautiful Japanese jewelry designs and you are sure to enchant all those around you and look ultra-stylish at the same time!