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Mother's Jewelry

  • Mother’s Name Bracelets for the Soul
    Leanne DuBois lives in Kennesaw, Georgia and makes name bracelets for mothers and children. After seeing the concept of mother’s name bracelets pop up, she began to take classes and learn techniques to make them for herself and others. Only using beads that are handmade by herself or someone else, she decorates bracelets for those who make personal requests. DuBois, herself, wears two name bracelets, one with her son, Andrew’s, name, and one with her husband, Dan’s name. Both of these bracelets are decorated with Kazuri beads, handmade by African women to benefit the economy of their societies.
  • Name Necklaces for First Time Moms
    A new baby is a joyous event.  There is no bond more powerful that that between a mother and her child. It can be difficult for moms when they aren’t able to keep their little bundles of joy by their side, but now they can keep them close to their hearts when apart with a name necklace. 
  • Unique Baby Names for Boys and Girls
    Choosing a name for a baby is one of the hardest decisions parents make, especially when they want an original and meaningful name. Here are 26 up-and-coming unique names for boys and girls, one for each letter of the alphabet!
  • Celebrity Mommy Name Jewelry Goes Big!
    Watch out!  Celebrity moms are on the go with their name and initial jewelry! From Beyoncé to Christina Applegate, it is easy to find famous mommy’s wearing the names of their children’s names on necklace chains, as earrings, or on rings.
  • Memories of My Grandmother and Her Name Necklace
    My grandmother loved sports.  Every time we went to her house, we would find her sitting on the couch and screaming at the TV – screaming at college football coaches, screaming at baseball umpires, and screaming at soccer players. She also loved ice cream. Her freezer, no matter the season, was always full of a new type of ice cream each week. She loved a lot of things in life, but she loved nothing more than her greatest love of all, the love that conquered all other loves, the love that changed plans and reorganized her life – her grandchildren.