celebrity baby name necklaces
Watch out!  Celebrity moms are on the go with their name and initial jewelry! From Beyoncé to Christina Applegate, it is easy to find famous mommy’s wearing the names of their children’s names on necklace chains, as earrings, or on rings. With differing pieces from necklaces to rings and varying styles from full names to initials, mommy pride is officially ‘in.’ Christina Applegate sports her pride of Sadie with a name necklace of her baby in a classic cursive design while Katherine Heigl has a rounded pended with the name and charms.  Gwyneth Platrow has engraved dog tags for her children. Meanwhile some moms are putting on the layered touch with more than one chain and pendant.

Naming a baby is a big event for everyone, and our big celebrities are showing off in style.  For sure, they- and so many others have found the perfect and fashionable way to keep their babies close.  And who knows fashion better than Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon, Courteney Cox, and Beyonce? With so many styles, variations, and choices, any choice of baby name necklace would be available. How to choose? How to stay fashionable and up-to-date?

From the elegantly stunning style to endearingly unique style, famous moms from Hollywood to New York are showing off their mommy pride.  The ever growing style is around every corner for a wonderful way to keep children close to mommys’ hearts.   Get ready because this mommy pride is meeting name jewelry and celebrities, and together they are really making a name for themselves!