My grandmother loved sports.  Every time we went to her house, we would find her sitting on the couch and screaming at the TV – screaming at college football coaches, screaming at baseball umpires, and screaming at soccer players. She also loved ice cream. Her freezer, no matter the season, was always full of a new type of ice cream each week. She loved a lot of things in life, but she loved nothing more than her greatest love of all, the love that conquered all other loves, the love that changed plans and reorganized her life – her grandchildren. 

In order to show the world what was really important to her, she got a name necklace. This name necklace was different than other name necklaces I have seen. This necklace ended up to be what I remember most about my loving grandmother. She got a gold chain necklace and hung little gold child figures to represent each of her grandchildren.  She would group the figures according to family – ie, my brother and I were represented by a boy figure and a girl figure holding hands; my cousins, two girls, were represented by two girl figures holding hands; and my other cousins, two boys and one girl were represented by two boy figures and one girl figure holding hands. Each of the figures had our names on them, so we were clearly designated to a certain gold figure.

I always felt this was a way to clearly show what my grandmother found to be important in life. After my grandmother passed, each of the cousins was able to keep their designated gold figure with their inscribed name.  I thank my grandmother for loving me, and I thank her for giving me something to truly remember her by.