Leanne DuBois lives in Kennesaw, Georgia and makes name bracelets for mothers and children. After seeing the concept of mother’s name bracelets pop up, she began to take classes and learn techniques to make them for herself and others. Only using beads that are handmade by herself or someone else, she decorates bracelets for those who make personal requests. DuBois, herself, wears two name bracelets, one with her son, Andrew’s, name, and one with her husband, Dan’s name. Both of these bracelets are decorated with Kazuri beads, handmade by African women to benefit the economy of their societies.

DuBois also began “String of Strength,” a program at Children’s Hospital Philadelphia at Lehigh Valley Hospital in Bethlehem, PA, when she worked there, that gives children, going through chemotherapy, a chance at hope. Through this program, DuBois helped the children create “journey bracelets” with their name and various beads that told a different story. These bracelets keep the children hopeful and give them something to look forward to each day.

DuBois makes bracelets for others, but she also makes them for her own satisfaction and time with herself. She has never made two bracelets that are the exact same. She loves the creativity and self-expression of name bracelets and how wearing a name bracelet can be so therapeutic.

Mothers love name bracelets. We’ve seen them on celebrities and on our friends. It’s nice to walk around with a bracelet – beaded, silver or gold – that shows off our relationship with our children. Name bracelets can make you feel good and they can really make a difference in your life. How do you feel about mother’s name bracelets?