A new baby is a joyous event.  There is no bond more powerful that that between a mother and her child. It can be difficult for moms when they aren’t able to keep their little bundles of joy by their side, but now they can keep them close to their hearts when apart with a name necklace. 

It is to no surprise to me that wearing a name necklace featuring the name of your newborn is the hot new trend among first time moms.  This trend has been particularly popular in Hollywood.  Christina Applegate has been spotted around town wearing her daughter Sadie’s name around her neck, and recently Beyonce even posted a photo to her official webpage showing off her new necklace featuring daughter Blue’s name in gold. 

Whether you are a first time mom or a mother of 4, you too can get in on the trend. Keep your children close to your heart, and show them off proudly with a name plate necklace.  From the classic name plate necklace to engraved pendants and charms, many design come with options to add birthstones or additional charms such as bows, hearts or flowers, to further personalize your necklace and make it unique to you and your little one.  For mothers with multiple little ones, necklaces are easily layered, and with some designs multiple charms or names can be added to a single chain.  From Mother’s Day, anniversaries, or just to celebrate the arrival of a new bundle of joy, these necklaces make a great gift for any mom!