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Teen Idols' Name Jewelry

  • Valentine’s Day for Justin and Selena
    February is over, but we still have time to reflect on the Valentine’s Day gifts various celebs and teen-idols received during the season. Your average Joe will buy his girlfriend flowers (maybe) and chocolates (if they follow the fad), or he will take his lady out on the town or to a nice, romantic fixed price Valentine’s Day Dinner. Nowadays, more and more people celebrate Valentine’s Day a few days before or after, just to keep away from the extravagant pricing tacked on all things red on February 14th
  • Singing Out Glee-fully: Rachel Berry’s Name Necklaces
    Rachel Berry has two necklaces on Glee that she has worn at different times. The ‘R’ Initial necklace appears in the first episode of season 2 and symbolizes one side of Lea Michele’s character, while the ‘Finn’ necklace she also wears symbolizes another side. Each necklace means something else. Gleeks around the world have different feelings about what each necklace represents and therefore have opposing opinions about which necklace rings true to Rachel’s personality.