Rachel Berry has two necklaces on Glee that she has worn at different times. The ‘R’ Initial necklace appears in the first episode of season 2 and symbolizes one side of Lea Michele’s character, while the ‘Finn’ necklace she also wears symbolizes another side. Each necklace means something else. Gleeks around the world have different feelings about what each necklace represents and therefore have opposing opinions about which necklace rings true to Rachel’s personality.

The initial necklace is her own and it speaks to her own personality and identity as her own person. It represents her dreams to be a Broadway star and her dreams to leave her hometown of Lima, Ohio after graduating high school and possibly never coming back. It represents her identity of never knowing her mother (until recently) and being raised by two dads. It represents who she is without the identity of anyone else included.

The ‘Finn’ necklace represents who she loves and speaks to the personality and identity of Rachel in a couple unit. It represents all the time she lusted after Finn and crushed so hard on the very thought of being in a relationship with him. It represents the innocence of their high school relationship and how much she has devoted to him.  It represents Finn’s most likely path of staying in Lima, Ohio after high school and the small town relationship that he’s most suited for.

Which name necklace is better suited for Rachel’s personality? Which necklace speaks to you and how you feel about Rachel Berry? Which name jewelry represents the Rachel you look up to? Let us know!