February is over, but we still have time to reflect on the Valentine’s Day gifts various celebs and teen-idols received during the season. Your average Joe will buy his girlfriend flowers (maybe) and chocolates (if they follow the fad), or he will take his lady out on the town or to a nice, romantic fixed price Valentine’s Day Dinner. Nowadays, more and more people celebrate Valentine’s Day a few days before or after, just to keep away from the extravagant pricing tacked on all things red on February 14th.

This is what normal people do on Valentine’s Day. Justin Bieber, however, has never been normal. This year, although, his gift was, most likely, as close to normal as he will ever get. Justin Bieber, a few days before Valentine’s Day (although a few days early, he most likely wasn’t trying to keep the prices down) gave his sweetheart, Selena Gomez, a diamond studded ring that read ‘J’, for Justin, in case you were confused. A lot of girls out there would love to wear that ring, and I’d assume people have already started buying copies of the initial ring he gave to Selena.

Love name jewelry seems to be in this year more than ever – especially in the celeb world. And lots of people are following the fad. I’d have to say that this name ring is probably one of the most attractive of the celeb name jewelry pieces we’ve seen this year. I like the font of the ‘J’ and the subtlety of the initial ring. It’s a nice touch, Justin. Keep up your classy!