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Vintage Name Jewelry

  • Taking Tips from Grandma
    Styles may come and go, but the most fashionable return again.  Many designers get a great amount of inspiration from the past.  Right now vintage is in, and with it has come the return of the initial ring. 
  • Name Lockets – The True Demonstration of Affection
    Lockets, pendants that open and contain pictures or other memorable treasures, have been around for a very long time. Lockets were big in the Victorian Age of Britain and made a major comeback during World War I, when lovers and daughters wore lockets with their soldier’s picture attached to the inside and a name or initials inscribed on the outside. We’ve all seen or read A Little Princess and we’ve all cried our eyes out when she finally sees her dispatched father, whose picture she’s been wearing around her neck (okay, maybe just me). Regardless, we all do know, either from the book, or just from basic knowledge how important name lockets were in the 1910s.
  • Name Bracelets in the 1950s
    For those interested in the history of jewelry (like me), specifically the decade between 1950 and 1960, name bracelets played a significant part of the fashion scene, as well as the dating scene during that time. For those who were alive to remember it, you can attest to the importance of the bracelets with a name