For those interested in the history of jewelry (like me), specifically the decade between 1950 and 1960, name bracelets played a significant part of the fashion scene, as well as the dating scene during that time. For those who were alive to remember it, you can attest to the importance of the bracelets with a name.

Taking the concept from the medical bracelets worn by WWII veterans, the 1950s and early 1960s saw a boost in name bracelet popularity. Just like Facebook today, ID bracelets started to become popular with the teenage population and quickly spread to the parents’ generation. Not just for women, it was also common during the time to see men wearing these ID bracelets. These bracelets were made with a linked chain and a gold or silver nameplate.

During this time, people also used Nameplate bracelets for dating. Girls would wear boys ID bracelets when they were ‘going steady,’ or boys would create name bracelets for girls with the girl’s name on one side and the boy’s jersey number (basketball, football, or other sport) on the other side. Such a simple piece of jewelry meant so much during this era. You weren’t just wearing a piece of someone else’s jewelry – instead, it was courtship in its purest form, as you knew if he was truly interested since you were given a piece of your courter’s identity. Such excitement it was to be given a boy’s ID bracelet! This would be a nice trend to peek back in to modern times.