Styles may come and go, but the most fashionable return again.  Many designers get a great amount of inspiration from the past.  Right now vintage is in, and with it has come the return of the initial ring. 

Going through your mother’s or grandma’s jewelry box can be very sentimental, and also very inspiring.  When it comes to jewelry, vintage is in!  Many popular jewelry styles from the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s have been popping up on celebrities and fashion runways around the world.

Initial rings are available in a variety of styles from the classic cursive letter similar to grandmas to small and stackable you’ll be sure to find the style that fits you best.  Some of the most popular styles today include the single letter ring, double letter rings, for first and last initial, or monogram rings. 

Men look great in initial rings as well.  For men consider a signet style ring.  A men’s signet can easily fit a single initial or a full monogram for a more sophisticated look.

The next time you take a peek inside grandma’s jewelry box don’t be surprised to find that her old ring or necklace is the hot new trend.  Maybe you’ll be the new trend setter, go ahead and take a peak you never know what style trend from the past will come back bigger and better than ever.