Name Jewelry in Your Language

Express yourself by wearing a piece of international Name Jewelry . . . maybe in a language you already know or maybe in one you'd like to learn. It's a small world after all, and a part of it can be yours with Name Jewelry in Your Language!
Hebrew Name Jewelry

One of the most popular types of Name Jewelry for decades, see how Hebrew Name Jewelry brings this ancient language to life.

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Arabic Name Jewelry

Take a look at how the rich and textured culture of the Middle East can be yours with Arabic Name Jewelry from Namefully.

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Greek Name Jewelry

Whether you're a connoisseur of Ancient Greek Culture or a lover of modern Greece, our Greek Name Jewelry collection is perfect for you!

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Chinese Name Jewelry

The beauty of Chinese calligraphy and its ancient symbols can be part of your look every day with Namefully's Chinese Name Jewelry.

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Japanese Name Jewelry

Harmony, Serenity, Yin & Yang . . . wear these symbols or your Name with our beautiful collection of Japanese Name Jewelry.

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Thai Name Jewelry

Enter the world of Buddha and ancient temples by adding a piece of Thai Name Jewelry to your fashion ensemble.

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Turkish Name Jewelry

Turkish jewelry has a long and grand history. Now you can bring a taste of this culture to your life with a piece of Turkish Name Jewelry.

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Russian Name Jewelry

The Russian alphabet sparkles in all its grandeur. Display your love for Russian tradition with Russian Name Jewelry from Namefully.

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Hindi Name Jewelry

Become a part of India's long jewelry tradition and display the beauty of the Hindi alphabet with Namefully's Hindi Name Jewelry.

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