From the beautifully traditional to swirls and sparkle galore, Namefully's unique collection gives whole new life to personalized jewelry's classic superstar: the one and only Name Necklace.
Carrie Necklaces

From New York to L.A. to Paris . . . Carrie Bradshaw wore hers everywhere. Now you can have
Sex & the City style of your own!

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Name Plate Necklaces

Choose your font and your style . . . now add your name. You've got a Name Plate Necklace that's all about you!

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Initial Necklaces

A little more understated but just
as personal, express your unique style and individuality with an
Initial Necklace.

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Monogram Necklaces

With swirls and flourishes or clean modern lines, our selection of Monogram Necklaces lets your initials do the talking.

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Heart Name Necklaces

Don't just wear your heart on your sleeve . . . wear it around your
neck with one of our beautiful
Heart Name Necklaces!

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Decorated Name Necklaces

Dress up your name for a night on the town! With our collection of Decorated Name Necklaces, you're sure to find one that's uniquely you.

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Signature Name Necklaces

Sign your name and create a wearable work of art! Namefully presents our collection of Signature Name Necklaces.

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Sparkling Name Necklaces

For a name necklace that's as sparkling as your personality, check out our collection of Sparkling Name Necklaces. 100% bling!

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3D Name Necklaces

For an eye-catching look from any direction, check out our unique collection of 3D Name Necklaces. No 3D glasses required!

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Name Necklaces